Intelligent power strategies and new business opportunities to enable " 24x7 Power for All "

The IPPAI Retreat, now in its 19 th year, is a unique opportunity to get updated on the critical developments in the energy sector and their subsequent impact on the national economy.

The Retreat is a three day, fully residential conclave led by thought leaders and experts who have domain knowledge in their respective areas which have been identified by the organisers as relevant, cutting edge, and likely to have an impact on the economy. Speakers at previous Retreats include Honourable Ministers, Regulators and Policymakers from the Central and State levels, heads of industry, utilities and implementers of social movements.

Although, on the face of it, the issues being debated at the Retreat seem to be disconnected, on closer examination, it becomes obvious that the world is becoming more and more interconnected, not just economically, but also from the point of view of social re-engineering, cultural re-evaluation, and re-assessment of how to deal with social, economic and business uncertainties. Read more


The IPPAI Power Awards 2018

One of the most prestigious awards in the Indian power sector that celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of the avant-garde thinkers along with outstanding achievers.

Date and Time: 24th November, 1900 hours onwards.